Exhibits at Dickson Mounds

Visitors to Dickson Mounds Museum's more than 15,000 square feet of exhibits discover many different ways of interpreting the past, including innovative displays of artifacts, arts, and archaeology; exciting hands-on activities; and multi-media presentations. 

Dickson Mounds Museum Lobby

The River Valley Gallery explores the character of the Illinois River and traces the interaction between the river and the people who lived along it from the end of the Ice Age to the present day. The story is told through innovative displays and Legacy, a large-screen video production that captures the panorama of the past and leads one to a real-life view of the river valley today. 

The River Valley Gallery

People of the Valley

People of the Valley portrays a sequence of cultures -- from Ice-Age hunters to the tribal groups that left Illinois in the 19th century -- through artifacts, murals, photographs, and exciting hands-on exhibits.

Reflections on Three Worlds reveals the world of Mississippian people whose 800-year-old sites surround the museum today. The exhibits depict the complex life and culture of these people, trace in detail the evidence of archaeology, and lead to a spectacular multimedia event that takes one through a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, symbols, music and voices of the three worlds of Mississippian belief.

Reflections on Three Worlds

Dickson Legacy Exhibit

Other exhibits at Dickson Mounds include an interactive Discovery Center;a Special Exhibits Gallery; the Eveland Village Site, where the remains of three early Mississippian buildings are preserved for viewing on the museum grounds; and an exhibit that tells the story of the museum itself, The Dickson Legacy.

Those wishing to schedule a tour or program at the museum will find details at Group Programs.

Dickson Mounds also offers the traveling exhibit The North American Bald Eagle.